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Where does the name LBJ or LB Jeffries come from?

One of my favorite movies is Rear Window starring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. Jimmy Stewart plays a photographer named LB Jeffries. and I love the way LBJ looks ;)

What should I wear?

What you feel good in!

I'm happy to help and support in anyway possible to make this easy. Most of all I just want you to feel and be yourself.

I would recommend avoiding small patterns/prints because they show a little funky in small file sizes.

Do you do couples photography?


Can you recommend any Locations?

My favorite spots are the places that feel special to you and your family. However, I have a long list of places I love too!

Can you take photos of us on a family adventure like boating, biking, a hike, ice cream, etc. ?


Do you have mini sessions?

I do not do mini sessions. I can't contain myself to only 10-20 minutes and a few photos. I think where my skill really shines is in getting that time and space to know you, your family and artfully documenting every little moment I can. However, I'm happy to recommend photographers who do! I know sometimes we just need the little snapshots.